A jingle is, very simply, a musical message that delivers the personality and vibe of a brand. It can be that last reminder as someone is going into a store from the car, or reaffirm a brand in your head as you are standing in the aisle. Jingles are sticky, they get stuck in your head!
Gayle Troberman, exec VP-chief marketing officer of iHeartMedia


WE exist to bring creative ideas that will enhance your brand through music.

Dan and George are brothers first, and found that partnering up to create a broad library of music was a very natural transition. They both fronted their own rock outfits through most of their 20's and have been acting as sounding boards for each other since.

About 5 years ago, they realized that the sum of their combined talents was greater than their individual parts. Watching them work is something to behold, one picks up where the other leaves off, which contributes to the mindblowing pace at which they are able to deliver a top notch product for thier clients.